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Lent (Feb 14th-March 28th)

Traditionally, Lent is the Christian season of spiritual practice and repentance before Easter. It begins ​on February 14th and lasts until March 28th. As you prepare for the Lenten season, this week, we will ​share three spiritual practices you can engage in to prepare your heart and become more like Jesus.

Focus: One

Prayer is us being with, talking with, ​and listening to God. During this ​season of Becoming Heartstrong, ​prayer is our spiritual practice. You ​can download and follow the free ​guide from Practicing the Way to ​practice prayer. You can also pray ​with others weekly at each Campus; ​times are posted on our location ​pages online.

Prayer fosters a lifestyle of humility. ​It pushes against the grain of self-​dependance by leaning into one of ​Spirit-reliance. During Lent, you can ​invest moments each day to pray. ​Watch what God will do.


Focus: Two

We take twenty-one days in ​January as a church for our ​Lifecentre fast. You can also fast ​during Lent, but we have another ​idea. While practicing prayer, pray ​for someone you will invite to Easter ​weekend at Lifecentre. This can be a ​family member, friend, neighbour, ​or coworker.

We have invites below for you to ​download and share.

Focus: Three

The spiritual practice of frugality is ​powerful. You set aside a defined ​period, a week, two weeks, or a ​month, to live as frugally as possible ​- no extras. At the end of that time, ​you do one of two things with the ​additional funds.

First, you give it away as an ​anonymous offering to whoever the ​Holy Spirit places on your heart. ​Second, you can, over and above ​your tithe, donate it to your local ​church, where they will also give ten ​percent of it away to mission ​partners, and you’ll extend the ​Gospel reach through Lifecentre.

Palm leaves.

Palm Sunday

Can you trust Jesus with one thing when you can’t ​see everything? Palm Sunday starts Holy Week. Yet, ​at the triumphal entry of Jesus, we see disciples do ​three things we can learn much from today. They ​come, ask, and do what Jesus invites them to do, ​even when they don’t see the whole picture.

Sunday, March 24th


9:00am, 10:45am




Good Friday

We hear much today about freedom, whether civil ​or personal freedoms. Yet, as free as we claim to be, ​we don’t seem happy. At every turn, there is another ​person, group, or issue between us and freedom. ​Today, what Jesus said is solidified by what He does ​for us. For Jesus, if we never talk about sin, we’ll ​never understand freedom. O, the wonderful cross.

Friday, March 29th


9:00am, 10:45am



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Waiting Saturday

Join us on Saturday, March 30th, for our family ​service at Lifecentre. Together, we will believe for ​your breakthrough, pray for the salvation of loved ​ones, contend for healing and stand in faith for full ​restoration of all things. Interactive prayer elements ​will provide engaging elements for the entire family! ​As we will serve a continental breakfast and host an ​Easter egg hunt for the kids, we ask you to register ​for this event.

Saturday, March 30th





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Easter Sunday

Hope. With it, anything is possible. Without it, anything is also ​possible. Surprisingly, the opening moments of the first Easter ​Sunday don’t begin with hope.

But this Sunday wasn’t ordinary. Do you need hope? If so, anchor ​your story to the right side of the resurrection.

Let’s live into a better story. A story in Jesus, only this Sunday, ​makes it possible!

Sunday, March 31st


9:00am, 10:45am, 12:30pm


9:00am, 10:45am





When visiting Lifecentre, we would love to connect ​with you! Whether today is one of your first visits with ​us or you've been a part of our family for a while, we ​consider it a privilege to be a part of your life. T

his is a way to connect with us about everything from ​prayer requests to volunteering, connecting into a ​group and more. We look forward to hearing from ​you and connecting with you in the ways that are ​most meaningful to you.



We all follow something. You don’t need help learning ​to follow; you already do it. Where we all need ​guidance is how to follow Jesus.

Following Jesus may begin with a decision, a prayer, or ​even a desire for something different, and this is where ​we can help get you started.

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